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Peggy Wochatz Therapeutin Seminare

I'm Peggy Wochatz

I will accompany you with passion, wide-ranging expertise and humor when you feel disoriented, life is challenging you to your limits or old patterns keep getting in your way.

My professional education

And what else...

Peggy Wochatz Reise

i like wood.No table, cupboard, instrument or even car is safe from me. As soon as wood enters my field of vision, I start to consider whether it could be oiled, sanded, stained or filed. I am equipped with tools as if I had missed the profession. 

I like it geographically. It fascinates me to find out where someone comes from. All sorts of dialects appealed to me. So much so that I can overcome all shyness and my body language can drift into dialect. Which at least amuses others. 

I like it crazy. Whether sleeping outside in the snow, swimming in the sea at night or wearing unusual wigs. You can steal horses with me. 

What I do not like. Right and left. I'm definitely confusing that. In general, orientation in the field is not for me. GPS announcements like: "Now turn south-east onto the A7" drive me crazy. Who can do that? 

Peggy Wochatz Reise
  • University degree Diploma in Education  

  • 3 years of work with children, young people and people with disabilities in Switzerland

  • mother of three children

  • Medical Qi Gong 

  • Therapeutic Boxing 

  • Therapeutic stick fight  

  • Therapeutic Archery and Hakomi®-applied mindfulness therapy  

  • 7 years movement therapist in the rehabilitation clinic Potsdam/Neu Fahrland, especially in the path for trauma disorders 

  • Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy  

  • Training in system, family and organizational constellations 

  • pulse®Körper-Gestalt-Therapeutin   

  • 6 years body-oriented psychotherapy in the Therapeuticum Potsdam / archery seminars in the Oberbergklinik Berlin/Brandenburg, Wendisch/Rietz 

  • Hypnosis (in training) 

  • Couple and relationship dynamics (in training)

Peggy Wochatz Kanu
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